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                         What Our Clients And Candidates Are Saying:

Hello and good morning Michelle!  I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for finding me and reaching out.  I started work on Monday and have truly enjoyed my experience with NGH so far.  From meeting Kevin, the interview process with Quanda and Jana, to the onboarding with Robin in HR, and finally getting to work with Quanda. It has been a really great experience and I truly, truly am thankful you contacted me.  I was actually prepared to take a job I just knew I wouldn't be happy in because I had to take something and start working again when you reached out to me out of the blue. Again, I just wanted to say thank you for finding me, and have a wonderful and safe holiday season!  I wouldn't have THIS job if it wasn't for you!
Doug F.

Thank you so much Kevin!!! Couldn’t have done it without you!!! So grateful for you!! Happy Holidays!!

Loving it here!!! You were right!!!!
Thank you so much Kevin!! You are wonderful at what you do!! Pairing people up to perfect fits!! My dream job is finally here at this point in my life!! I feel I’ll be here a very long time! 
Timi S., LCSW

Advanced Medical Resources has opened a door of opportunities for me and my future.  I am so happy with the position your company  has placed me in.  You have been there for me from the first step of my interview to my hiring process.  Your motivation and your great spirit never allowed me to give up, and for this I am so grateful.
Again, words can not express how happy I am in my new job as Office Manager.
Erika S. Practice Manager  

Hello Kathleen,
I just wanted to thank you again for the incredible staff that you have provided for us. Every single one of them comes in early and ready to work! If they find themselves not doing something they all immediately ask what can they do next. You can see how hard they work and that they care about doing well in the job. Bobbie and Carolyn were carrying heavy trays like pros! My runners were very grateful for those extra hands. Yvonne and Emily did fantastic and kept busy all night long. Thank you again and looking forward to working with all of them again!

Jorge T.ns

Thank you for filling our top executive positions.
I am So happy to hear that both candidates are very happy within our organization. They are both phenomenal and have been working very hard and are quick studies!  The physicians are thrilled with their progress as well.
Without a doubt, they are a perfect fit 
Thank you again.

I just recently had my 5 year anniversary and wanted to thank you for helping me find the position. In the past 5 years, I've gotten to complete a full epic implementation, 4 different deparmental Go-Lives with Epic, and we're midway through a PACS migration to Fuji/TeraMedica's VNA. The enviornment is great and it's been a perfect fit for me.

There are no words to express my gratitude for the way you changed my life four years ago when you believed in my potential and placed me in an Academic Heathcare System. You fought for what I was worth. A year after you placed me, I made it to leadership and now I am moving to an executive position. WOW! How can I ever thank you? Of course I will keep in touch and of course I will think of you when I am ready to hire some folks for my team. 
Thank you so very much Kevin San Juan. 
Good Morning.
I would like to share some feedback on Sam's work performance.
Sam stared with us on 7/21/15.  Since then he has gained a nice report with the Participant he is working with. He has been professional, friendly and not afraid to ask questions.
He has also offered some great suggestions on the Participants's daily schedule.  
It has been a nice experience to have him work with us.
Thank you,
Tina, Assistant Director of Employment Centers

It all started with a phone call 5 yrs ago to you. The job in Mississippi and the COO at MC is my boss here at N. General Hospital. Joe  is the CEO of the hospital. He remembered my work at the hospital in MS. You would be pleased to know that was the best position ever taken. We still have property in MS. I have one son who lives in MS. John Deere sent him to college and paid him to go to school. After this summer he will be going to Ole Miss. Another son finished wielding school for free. He now lives in Georgia. The best position I ever took, thanks to you.
M. Brown, BA, CRA

HI Kevin,
Advanced Medical Resources changed my life. They took my career and propelled it in the direction I wanted it to go. My recruiter Kevin worked so closely with me that I was fully prepared for each step of my interview process, from how I presented myself to how I drafted my thank you letter. We were in constant contact as well so I never felt out of the loop. I always knew what to expect and when I would be hearing from my prospective employer. 
Melissa M.

Kathleen, - It is with great honor and pleasure that I write to you this letter of much appreciation and gratefulness.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank You and Advance Medical Resources for all the help, advice and confidence you instill in me. I can not tell you how happy and lucky I feel to have had the opportunity to meet with you and have you act as my Recruiter throughout my entire employment process. 
Advanced Medical Resources has opened a door of opportunities for me and my future.  I am so happy with the position your company  has placed me in.  You have been there for me from the first step of my interview to my hiring process.  Your motivation and your great spirit never allowed me to give up, and for this I am so grateful.
Again, words can not express how happy I am in my new job as Office Manager at Comprehensive Pain Management. 
Erika Saxvik
Office Manager
Comprehensive Pain Management

Advanced Staffing Associates has provided us with a number of professional candidates that have transitioned from Temp to Permanent positions. Most have retained longevity with us considering these positions seem to have a great deal of turn over.
I enjoy working with your organization and look forward to continued placement of staff for our Cardiology Group.
Sandra L.
Practice Manager 
Thank you, Linda. You and your company really came through for us when we were in a real bind, and I will never forget it. Equally wonderful was Debbie G, who was consistently professional and reliable all year. She is a real asset to Advanced Staffing.
- Annette S. RN, Masters Public Health

I have been using the services of Advanced Medical Resources for over seven years. The best endorsement that I can think of is that Advanced Medical Resources recruited me for the position I am currently in (Administrative Director of one of the largest medical practices in the state of CT). Advanced Medical Resources seems to have the widest network of contacts of any of the medical recruiters I have ever worked with.
- Administrative Director, ARC, P.C.
I found Kevin San Juan, President of Advanced Medical Resources, to be the consumate professional both in his dealings with me as a prospect for a new position and the Company who I ended up working for. I knew what was expected of me every step of the way and there were no surprises during the interview process. When I accepted the job offer all my questions had been answered and I was ready to start.
- John E. Barney, Executive Director
As always, the staff that you have provided us is efficient, knowledgeable and professional. Angelina is doing well and has transitioned into her position and the department very well. She is definitely an asset to our organization. Thank you again and look forward to working with AMR for any future staffing needs. Michelle Bernard is an excellent recruiter and enjoy working closely with her. She maintains outstanding professionalism and excellent customer service skills. That's why we rely to your organization for our staffing needs.
- S. L., Practice Manager, Consulting Cardiologists, PC 
Connie is a wonderful employee who seems to be adjusting to her position quite well. She is very pleasant and is an added asset to our practice. Thank you again Michelle for finding us the proper individual to fit the needs of our organization.
- Sandy, Practice Administrator
I wanted to take a moment and thank you personally for all the help you gave us with our recent search for a mammography technologist. At the beginning of January (2002) a reduction in staff was not only a surprise but a challenge. A call from your office with the words, 'I have someone for you to interview' was a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for a quick response to our office needs. You have saved us time, money and scheduling conflicts by providing us quality professionals for interviews. In this particular case, the candidate is a professional that has brought the care and quality our staff provides to all patients. MRG has benefited from your excellent service and we thank you for adding to our exceptional staff.
- Practice Administrator, MRG, P.C.

Advanced Medical Resources seems to have the widest network of contacts of any of the medical recruiters I have ever worked with. They will leave no stone unturned in their efforts in find you the best candidate for your positions. Our organization is a thriving endorsement for their services. They have filled nearly half of all the new positions in the practice, and we have more than doubled the size of the organization since I have been here. Advanced Medical Resources is committed to helping us meet our staffing goals, and we are thankful to have them as a partner in our future growth and development.
- Administrative Director, ARC, P.C.
I am very impressed with your knowledge and the passion you have for your company. It is a unique company in its organization and mission, an organization I would like to be part of. I look forward to the next step.
Sampson A

Michelle, I can't thank you enough for your complete follow through in my interview process. I have never encountered such a recruiter as yourself. AMAZING..You are someone who cares and is very passionate in placing really good people with really great companies and organizations. 
Y. Morales

Thanks again for everything Kev. you guys have been great for me and my family and I really appreciate the effort.
C. Clark, RT(R)

Kevin - I'm prepping now and the interview will be great!  
The enclosures you sent me are great, and you're the most well prepared recruiter I've talked with.

Michelle, thanks so much for helping me get this job! You were with me before and after every step of this process, from recruiting me until I finally signed my offer. You were always accessible: day, night, or weekend. The individual attention and overall guidance you have given me have been the best I have ever experienced, by far. You have that rare blend of expertise, experience, and an incredibly caring nature that made this rather trying and drawn out process much less stressful than it would have been without you. Simply put, you are the best recruiter I have ever worked with.
-Bret B. Boston MA
This agency is filled with professionals. I first contacted them just after graduation, and now consider them more of a professional partner and resource, than just an agency (and this was true even when I didn't get a job through them). Very simply, they listen to you, and don't promise what they can't deliver. I have been very satisfied.
- Bob, RT, MRI
Advanced Medical Resources is instrumental in matching skilled individuals with reputable employers. Their statewide access to diverse Radiology practices enables them to place new graduates, technologists and doctors. I have used their services many times, both personally and as a clinical instructor of an ultrasound program, and I highly recommend them.
- Karen, ARDMS
I just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for me in helping to find this job. In the month that I have been here I really have enjoyed it.
- Mary I., Ultrasonographer
Want to thank you so very much for your support and your professionalism. I feel blessed with regard to timing in terms of wanting to relocate back home in Ohio in a position where I can continue to use my knowledge, experience and dedication as a Radiology Administrator. Also feel blessed that you were the conduit providing the networking, the coaching and the genuine caring attitude to help me achieve my goal. In each step of the process you not only coordinated and helped set up interviews, assuring detailed agendas, providing tips and encouraging me, you also made yourself available to me anytime. I am quite impressed with you and your organization. You were instrumental in my success in terms of 'setting me up for success'. I would definitely recommend Advanced Medical Resources to my colleagues. Again, thanks Justin. It has been a pleasure working with you.
- John Giga, Former CEO, Pocono Imaging Partners