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Recruiters Search Process

Our Process

A sound process is key to finding and securing top talent. After four decades of experience and thousands of successfully completed searches, we know how to find and secure the best talent and help you achieve superior results - quickly.

Phase 1 - Initialize the search

Step 1: We develop the main message.
Discussion that addresses market position, competitive landscape, organizational structure, corporate culture and value propisition.

Step 2: We define requirements for the search.
Full needs analysis resulting in written search assignment (i.e., position requirements, roles and responsibilities, benefits and compensation, etc.).

Step 3: We brief our team.
Each member of the search team is oriented to the agreed upon objectives of the project.

Step 4: We create a search strategy.
Compile a targeted list of sources most likely to identify appropriate candidates. These sources include networking with industry contacts, executive level contacts, database and original sourcing calls.

Phase 2 - Implement the search

Step 1: We identify potential candidates.
Search team takes client message to market, and contact qualified candidates.

Step 2: We interview and qualify prospects.
We assess credentials, motivations, and career objectives and qualify achievements based upon client requirements.

Step 3: We check references.
In-depth verification of W-2, work history, character reference with a number of different contacts including supervisors, peers, customers and direct reports.

Phase 3 - Select the candidates

Step 1: We present a list of candidates.
Verbal presentation of our "short list" of qualified candidates.

Step 2: We manage client/candidate interviews.
Coordinate logistics of interview process, including pre- and post interview briefings with client and candidates.

Step 3: We help you select the final candidates.
Consult with client to narrow down "short list" to finalists.

Step 4: - We conduct pre-offer preparation.
Reconfirm compensation criteria, revisit counteroffer and start date availability. Confirm commitment to opportunity to ensure extended offer will result in acceptance.

Phase 4 - Extend offer and close deal

Step 1: We present the offer to candidate.
Present all components of offer, including: compensation (bonus, commission structure, stock, etc.) benefits, title, reporting structure, and start date.

Step 2: We facilitate any negotiation.
Keeping client's and candidates's best interest in mind, we secure final agreement of terms.

Step 3: We get a formal acceptance of the offer.
Obtain signed offer letter. Manage candidate resignation process including written and verbal notice, counteroffer avoidance, etc.

Step 4: We follow up with your new hire.
Track progress of resignation through successful integration within new corporate environment.


Successful Search Process

Since 1987


  • Client understands AMR will pre-screen and evaluate Candidates and present Client with Candidates meeting Client’s specified skill requirements. (Our entire recruiting process is designed to preserve Client’s valuable time)

  • Upon submission of a candidate’s resume and/or a verbal presentation of a candidate’s background, Client agrees to provide critical feedback to AMR by telephone, voice mail message, or email within 24 hours of receipt of resume. In this market it is critically important for the time between first contact of a qualified candidate and formal engagement to be compressed as much as possible.


  • Once Client agrees to the “fit” of a candidate to the skill requirement, Client agrees to begin the requisite interview process within three (3) business days. Highly skilled and truly motivated candidates in the current marketplace will likely be presented with multiple opportunities from which to choose. It is vital they be interviewed as soon as possible. Candidates reject offers at least as often as clients reject candidates. Time is critical for all concerned.


  • Client agrees to make every effort to schedule concurrent or sequential interviews with all relevant approving authorities back-to-back and on the same day. This practice ensures the candidate’s time is not wasted by having to return to the site on another day and offers the Client the chance to “take the candidate off the market” before another employer can act.


  • Upon making the decision to hire an AMR candidate, Client agrees to make every effort to make an offer to the candidate immediately following the final interview, and to do so through the auspices of an authorized representative of AMR. Our skills in this delicate area are an integral part of what you pay us for.


  • Client agrees any discussion regarding compensation structure or contract duration will first be held with an authorized member of AMR.


  • Should Client’s position be filled internally, through another source, or should the urgency in filling said position change in any way, Client agrees to immediately notify AMR.


Advanced Medical Resources (AMR), has found that following the suggested “AMR/Client Successful Search Process” set forth above will provide a positive hiring experience and yield success for both client and candidate.