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We Have the Solution:

Advanced Staffing Associates is a uniquely blended company offering temporary, temp to perm and permanent placement of employees that will step in and help you meet your business goals, however specific they maybe. We are a privately owned and operated staffing firm. This enables us to personally address all the particular needs of our clients!

Our Commitment to Quality: Quality - We promise what we demand
Our active participation in the National Association of Personnel Services, the Connecticut Association of Personnel Services, and the Pinnacle Society confirms that ASA and its staff adhere to the highest professional and ethical practices in the recruiting industry. You can't find quality and commitment like ASA/AMR anywhere else in the country!

In today's ever changing business environment, companies must rely on a multitude of staffing solutions to meet their organization's growing deparmental needs and do so within strict budget constraints. We understand that changes can occur unexpectedly within your organization, ASA can react quickly and efficiently to help you meet your immediate staffing needs. Whatever your unique staffing situation, we have the solution you need to take on the challenge. By aligning yourself with ASA, rest assured that we deliver experienced talent ready to make an immediate impact, no matter how different the request.

  • We will deliver a level of expertise that we hope far exceeds your expectations and do everything we can to ensure our commitment toward meeting your organization's staffing needs.
  • We will give you the benefit of knowing each candidate is well qualified for the position you are seeking to fill. Our unique and effective approach ensures that we identify the ideal professional with the best experience, credentials and culture fit for your organization.
  • We can provide you the extra personnel that allows you to save money and give you access to key strategic skills of qualified, experienced help at short notice.
  • COST EFFECTIVE. Advanced Staffing Associates manages the entire employment process and is responsible for the financial burden of recruiting, screening, testing and pre-employment paperwork. The result is you are free from payroll expenses, and withholding taxes, unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance. In addition we take care of background investigations, drug screening, and advertising.
  • Your Account Manager, your single point of contact, will focus on getting to know your organization completely, your culture, your specific needs and expectations and, will manage the entire onboarding process to ensure a successful transition of the employee and client. No matter the particular challenges of your situation, we believe in a consultative approach that provides you with only the most qualified employees.

In business since 1987, we have established a network and database of specifically skilled professionals. Our deep knowledge of the ever-changing industry, markets, tools and talent pool enable us to source and deliver the highest quality talent to meet time-sensitive staffing needs. We understand that changes can occur unexpectedly within your organization and ASA can react quickly to help meet all of your staffing needs.

Temporary Staffing:
Temporary work is just one of the ways that your business can offer flexibility and at the same time better meet your own needs. By engaging with Advanced Staffing Associates you can maintain staffing flexibility and cover any unexpected staffing fluctuations. The result is a more efficient workplace, a more flexible job market, and greater opportunities for both employers and employees. Additionally, improving productivity enhances your company’s bottom line and employee job security. ASA quickly provides your business with qualified staff for employee absences, such as, illness, vacation, maternity or disability leave and additional resources when you need them.

Temp to Perm Staffing:
You will get the opportunity to observe and evaluate employee performance, qualifications and work habits without commitment before offering the temporary employee a permanent job. This can cut down on turnover once the trial period is complete and both the employee and you are satisfied the job is a good fit. And, if you are unsatisfied with our temp’s work performance, all you need to do is contact your account manager and we will quckly replace the candidate with a new candidate.

Permanent Placement:
Advanced Staffing Associates also offers its clients the service of finding candidates for direct hire. We understand that from an operational standpoint it makes more sense to have an employee with specialized skills as part of your everyday team. Our mission at ASA is helping you select the right candidate. Our team identifies the best-qualified candidates without subjecting you to a large number of resumes; this means that you see only candidates that have been preselected to match all the criteria that you are looking for. We are able to identify exactly the right candidate for your team that is on the cutting edge of their disciplines. We have created a unique and successful approach, based on techniques proven highly effective in executive search. In short, we combine our powerful search techniques with our extensive knowledge and consultative approach to uphold our commitment and deliver only the most qualified candidates.

5 Benefits of Hiring Temporary Employees:
Dozens of companies have turned to hiring temporary workers to bridge the gap between increased workflow and not enough permanent employees. Temp workers generally work varied schedules based on the employers’ needs. Many applicants turn to temporary employment so they have better opportunities for employment from businesses in need. Businesses should seize the opportunity to hire these employees. There are boundless benefits to hiring temporary workers such as:

  1. Less money is taken out of the employer's pocket. A temporary employee would start immediately with few questions asked. Along with that, hardly any money goes into the hiring process, saving companies a lot of time and money.
  2. There is a quick return rate. Employers will call the agencies with a position, then the agencies generally fill that position as quickly and efficiently as possible. Employers use this method because they do not have the time to look at applications to get an employee themselves. This system simplifies and shortens the process drastically.
  3. Temp workers can turn into permanent workers. It is a matter of discretion for the employers, but it is a possibility for the temporary worker to receive a position as a permanent employee.  This takes out the commitment of hiring a full-time employee, leaving a lot more upside for the employer.
  4. Temp workers cost less. Employers estimate the time and money they put into their permanent workers, including the pay rate. Contract labor can be used by the employer and does not require the business to file taxes for that employee. Therefore, temporary workers generally cost less than permanent employees. Temp workers also go without any benefits. Very little energy is used to acquire temp workers, so businesses use these workers to fill many of their needs.
  5. Hardly any risks are taken. Employers have the option to test temporary employees to see if they will fit with their company culture, and if not, they can release them without the hassle of added costs and time. Whether it be seasonal, contract, or temporary work, temporary employees are taking the work force to a new level. Businesses have few risks by hiring temporary workers, and have realized many benefits in doing so.

The thing is, staffing agencies are ALWAYS in hiring mode, because if we're not hiring for you, we're hiring for someone else. And that's a good thing for you because when you do need us we'll put our well-greased wheels - our massive databases, our job board subscriptions, our ongoing advertising ads and our reputation in the community as a source for jobs - all in motion for you. That's not the only way you'll save money, of course. When you hire the right candidate the first time you'll save significantly on training and onboarding costs, not to mention the tremendous value the right employee will add to your bottom line.  The quality is on us!

To learn more about our contract staffing options and pricing please contact us and one of our contract staffing professionals will be happy to discuss your unique staffing needs in detail!

Remember - You're Only As Good As the People You Hire!