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Post Date Type Job Title Experience City State
06/24/24 Full Time Pediatrician - Open CT
06/22/24 Full Time LCSW - TN - Open Nashville TN
06/22/24 Full Time Physician Credentialing Specialist - Open 3 years Nashville TN
06/21/24 Full Time Registered Vascular Tech - Open CT
06/03/24 Full Time Infection Preventionist - Open 2 years minimum Nashville TN
06/01/24 Full Time Provider Recruiter - Filled by AMR TN
05/29/24 Full Time Director of Quality - TN - Open 4+ Nashville TN
05/22/24 Full Time Radiological Technologist-Open Greater New Haven CT
05/22/24 Full Time Director of Risk Management-Open NY
05/02/24 Full Time Director of Provider Services, Credentialing - Filled by AMR 3 years Nashville TN
04/11/24 Full Time Clinical Radiology Manager-Open 3-5 years Greater New Haven CT
03/27/24 Full Time Executive Assistant to the CQO - Nashville - On Hold 2+ Nashville TN
03/24/24 Full Time Quality Nurse Specialist - Open Nashville TN
03/23/24 Full Time Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator - Open 2 years minimum Nashville TN
08/28/23 Full Time Medical Billing Specialist-Filled by AMR 3-5 years Farmington CT
08/09/23 Full Time Practice Administrator - Filled by AMR Torrington CT
04/12/23 Full Time Operating Room Nurse-Filled by AMR 2+ Years Danbury CT
04/12/23 Full Time Certified Surgical Tech-Filled by AMR Danbury CT
04/12/23 Full Time Front Desk Supervisor-Filled by AMR 2+ Years Torrington CT
04/10/23 Full Time Business Analyst-Filled by AMR 1-2 Years Farmington CT
04/10/23 Full Time Front Desk Receptionist/Scheduler-Filled by AMR 1-2 Years Torrington CT
04/02/23 Full Time Mammography Technologist - CT -Filled by AMR 2+ years Hartford CT
02/19/23 Full Time Medical Biller-Filled by AMR 3+ Farmington CT
02/03/23 Full Time Certified Medical Coder -- CT - Filled by AMR 5+ years Farmington CT
06/22/22 Full Time Echo Technician--CT-Filled by AMR Hartford CT
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