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Superbowl 54

Superbowl 54

by Advanced Medical Resources     Category: General

Posted on January 30, 2020 at 11:39:11 AM

The excitement of the Superbowl is upon us. The two teams with the best records go head to head in the title game. The champion will become the NFL’s best.

The championship teams are the teams with the A Players. The non-winning teams have B players. Why is there a draft? Why do the owners trade players? Why do owner’s fire and recruit coaches?

They recruit, hire, trade, draft players and change coaches because they want the best team possible, they want A players because A players outperform B players 8x.

Why are companies great? They have great talent. They use recruiters who are industry experts to find the A players. “A players” are not on job boards. You don’t want candidates that are at everyone’s fingertips. A mis-hire at the Director level can cost 10x salary.

"I've built a lot of my success on finding these "truly gifted" people, and not settling for "B" and "C" players, but really going for the "A" players. ... I found that when you get enough "A" players together, and you go through the incredible work to find five of these “A" players, they REALLY like working with each other because they have never had a chance to do that before.  Without a steady team of “A” players,” it’s virtually impossible to establish an office culture that harbors performance and motivation.  A strong work ethic perpetuated by “A” players” is contagious and can even lift the “B” players” that made it past the interview stage into “A” players.” But without that all-important culture, employee morale will suffer. ..."– Steve Jobs

You do want a methodical, process driven, detailed search. You do want 30 years’ experience of search excellence. You do want high quality results.

You want to experience the difference Advanced Medical Resources and Advanced Staffing Associates can provide. You want to experience a Pinnacle Society led search firm.

We are A Players finding our clients A Players to build their Superbowl team.

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