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Managing Millennials

Managing Millennials

by Advanced Medical Resources     Category: General

Posted on December 17, 2019 at 11:05:08 AM

             Millenials and the older generations have a tough time working together sometimes. This can stem from many different areas, such as job expectations, goals, and just being raised during a much different time. In the following blog post we will go through some things to do and keep in mind when managing millennials.


            An important aspect of managing millennials is understanding who they are. Many millennials are looking for proper work experience over a paycheck, and will not stay in a role if they are not getting the experience that they desire. They also tend to look for jobs with some kind of meaning and purpose. Another thing to note is that they like clearly defined goals and good feedback.


            Many millennials are relatively new in the workforce, and need help growing and learning in their positions. Providing them with opportunities to grow and learn, like taking classes or being mentored, will engage them in their roles.


            Establishing clear goals is a good tactic for working with millennials. Allowing an open forum experience where employees can comment on goals and give input is good for millennials and employee engagement as a whole. Many millennials are motivated by personal recognition, so make sure to mention small accomplishments on the way to reaching whatever goals have been set.


            It is well known that millennials are a social bunch, and need a good amount of interaction with others. Group projects work well for millennials and for most employees in general. Most people enjoy some kind of social interaction at work. It really helps the day go by.


            Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and millennials are no different. Let them use technology, they have grown up with it and are most likely better at using it than some of their older coworkers. Many are good organizers, so allowing them to categorize different kinds of data is a good task. Set up mentoring with older employees, and let the millennials and older generations learn from each other.


Flexibility is very much on the mind of most young people, they like to be able to plan their lives. Allowing them somewhat flexible hours and the ability to work from home sometimes will definitely make jobs more attractive to them and keep them in companies longer.


Following these few tips will help make any business more accessible and successful in managing young employees.

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