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Job Interview Etiquette during COVID – 19

Job Interview Etiquette during COVID – 19

by Advanced Medical Resources     Category: General

Posted on September 09, 2020 at 01:35:16 PM

Job Interview Etiquette during COVID – 19

Wearing a Mask –

If you are going to a job interview you will be required to wear a mask. This shows that you care about keeping them safe as well as yourself. It might feel weird to speak through a mask, but you have to follow the lead of the interviewer in this case.

In this situation, eye contact, posture, and body language are VERY important and play a huge role in the interview process now.

Handshakes –

We are so trained in interviews to shake anyone’s hand right away before beginning the interview as well as making great eye contact. However, during COVID-19 you will want to skip the handshake part.

Instead of shaking hands initiate the interview by saying “it feels strange not to shake hands, but it is such a pleasure to meet you.” By doing this you are showing that you understand the normal interview etiquette is a bit different now and you are skipping this part because of safety reasons.




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