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Is Your recruiter a Member of The Pinnacle Society?

Is Your recruiter a Member of The Pinnacle Society?

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Posted on April 07, 2020 at 10:36:37 AM


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The Pinnacle Society is a name that is known throughout the recruitment industry.  It is synonymous with the best of the best, the go-getters, the recruiters that will go above and beyond to match the best candidates with the best jobs.  Just how prestigious is the Pinnacle Society?  Only 80 of the highest achieveing recruiting professionals in the entire country are allowed to be members of this elite organization.

"Why is this important?" You might ask yourself.  "Sure these people go above and beyond, but I'm perfectly okay with my current recruiter, they're bringing me good clients."  While this may be true, there are non-Pinnacle Society recruiters that can get the job done, the vasty majority of them do not have the resources and prestine track record that Pinnacle Society members do.  The members of the Pinnacle Society got to where they are by being the very best, and finding their clients the very best too.  If you want the very best, a Pinnacle Society member is the way to go.

Advanced Medical Resource's CEO, Kevin San Juan, has been a Pinnacle Society member for seventeen years.  In order to stay in the Pinnacle Society for this long, an individual needs exhibit absolute excellence in his or her field for the entirety of their tenure in Pinnacle.  This excellence that Kevin has displayed throughout his career is put into everything done here at Advanced Medical.  Living up to the standards of The Pinnacle Society is something we take pride in, and we live up to its precedent of excellence every day.

A Pinnacle Society recruiter can be the difference between a job and a career, a job you go to just for the paycheck and a job you wake up looking forward to every day.  Its the difference between a new hire that fits the position and a new hire that excels and impresses each and every day.  A Pinnacle Society recruiter is the difference between average and excellence.  Pick up the phone and give Advanced Medical Resources a call today, and experience the Pinnacle Society difference that we strive to give each and every day.

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