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Forbes “America’s Best Executive Search Firms”
2019 & 2020

Forbes Methodology

To determine the list, Statista surveyed 25,000 recruiters and 5,000 job candidates and human resources managers who had worked with recruitment agencies over the last three years. Respondents were asked to nominate up to 10 recruiting firms in the executive and professional search categories. Firms could not nominate themselves; last year’s findings were considered. More than 17,000 nominations were collected, and firms with the most recommendations ranked highest.

  • Our mission is to provide the highest quality candidates in the healthcare industry and to identify the best career opportunities in today's  competitive healthcare marketplace. We are truly dedicated to excellence.

  • Here at Advanced Medical Resources we are Executive Healthcare Recruiters and experts in finding qualified Managers / Directors of all specialties, both clinical and non clinical, as well as "C" level executives in Hospitals. We provide talent for every title including Management and Executive Management in Physician Groups.

  • Over the years we have defined a hardworking national network as well as a large in house database within the Healthcare niche. With these relationships in place, Advanced Medical Resources is able to provide superior talent/opportunities at many levels, in many locations around the country.


Experts in Placing Quality Candidates
Advanced Medical Resources takes care of the hardest part of your business – hiring the right people. We handle the recruitment process, screen candidates and find exactly the right people for your organization.
As a job-seeker, Advanced Medical Resources can be your biggest asset when it comes to finding you the right job. We’re in your corner.
Only get the best employees for your healthcare company. Our staff will see to it that each candidate is thoroughly screened and evaluated.

Permanent Placements

CEO - Hospital
CFO - Hospital / Physician Practice
Compliance Officer
Director Revenue Cycle
Director Quality & Patient Safety
Director of Surgery
Director Emergency Room
Director of Laboratory
Practice Manager / Administrator
Physician Assistant
APRN / Nurse Practitioner



CEO and President of Advanced Medical Resources, Kevin San Juan, shares a few words of wisdom regarding his experience in the recruiting field with Bill Vick, of whom specializes in building products for recruiters and headhunters.