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The Pinnacle Society

New England Association of Personnel Services Annual Conference - Boston Mass.

Feature presentation - Pinnacle Panel which consist of four Pinnacle Society members.
Carol Wenom, NC, Jordan Rayboy, OR, Kevin San Juan, CT and Jeremy Sisemore, TX




The Pinnacle Society represents the best of the best. It is an honors organization for permanent placement recruiters. Formed in 1989 with the assistance and leadership of Tony Byrne and Ben Meador, to provide 75 of the top recruiters in the country a forum in which to discuss ideas about the recruiting industry. Membership requirements keep the talent fresh and hold the members to a very high standard of production. They are a non-profit, independent organization that exists for its own benefit. They are not affiliated with any particular trainer or organization such as NAPS or AESC.
Dedicated to the theme of excellence in recruiting, members of The Pinnacle Society are committed to an honest, ethical style of doing business and share a desire to raise, on a global level, the standards of the profession. Several Pinnacle Society members are trainers and have conducted presentations to recruiting firms both nationally and internationally, teaching others the qualities and techniques of top producers.

Are you hiring?

When you partner with a recruiter who is  in the Pinnacle Society, you will be working with an established expert in your niche; a proven professional with a track record of quickly finding high quality talent to help your business be successful.

Pinnacle Society members have a track record of Excellence. In order to qualify for acceptance into the Pinnacle Society, prospective members must demonstrate they’ve produced exceptional results for their clients through a verified multi-year history of performance. Your success in hiring from us is what drives our growth and feeds our success.

Pinnacle Society members have documentedExperience and tenure in the recruiting profession.  They have learned how to successfully overcome the many obstacles that can trip up a successful hire and can leverage this experience when tackling your hiring challenges.

Pinnacle Society members have proven Expertise. They have gained credibility as recruiting experts in your industry as they spend every day in your marketplace.  This enables them to solve your staffing challenges quickly and effectively.

Pinnacle members are laserfocused on who you need to hire, when you need to hire them and what you need them to do in order for your company to be successful.  We leverage our expertise and tenure in your niche to produce results quickly and identify the best  talent for your company.
Our clients turn to us for results. We do not create work for you; we focus on solving your problems.

  • Have you found yourself shaking your head as you waste time reading a resume that does not remotely match your fee-warranted requirement?

  • Are you tired of too much talk without corresponding results?

  • Do you hear the word “I” more than the word “You” when speaking with a recruiter about your staffing needs?

  • Have you invested time in the interview process, only to find out at the last minute that candidate’s demands and your budget don’t line up?

Pinnacle Society members have a demonstrated track record of Excellence, years of Experience, and proven industry-specific Expertise that sets them apart from other recruiters. Our members will help you find who YOU need, when YOU need them, to do what YOU need done!

New England Association of Personnel Services Annual Conference - Boston Mass.